Qlocktwo Watch

Qlocktwo Watch

Remember the Qlocktwo, the wall clock that eschewed numbers for common phrases to tell you the time? Well, now you can wear that same technology on your wrist. The Qlocktwo Watch features a uniform grid of 110 letters, which it uses to display phrases like “It is half past nine” whenever you press the side-mounted stainless steel button. Other features include a square brushed stainless steel casing in natural or black, the ability to show the calendar day or seconds — with two and three presses of the single button, respectively — and a rubber or leather strap.

$725 Check it out

Recycled Light Bulb Oil Lamp


These handcrafted oil lamps incorporate a classic incandescent light bulb in the design, and handmade base which created from a beautiful solid wood half dome.

$35-$45 Check it out

The iPhone Shutter Grip


We love Photo Jo Jo for quirky photography and mobile accessories, but this new iPhone Shutter Grip contraption is particularly clever. It’s tiny and all it really does is add a grip and shutter button to your phone, but that makes it so much easier to take good photos.

$40 Check it out

Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator

Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator

If your parties are less for close friends and more for everyone in your address book, perhaps you can make use of the Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator . Available with or without a floor, the Beer Cave provides enough room to store over 30 cases of beer and four or more kegs, all in a precisely temperature-controlled room that doubles as a super-sized, single-tap kegerator. A perfect option for your 10,000 sq. ft. party pad.

$6,350-$6,750 Check it out

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Sony Smartwatch


Like it or not, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of companies wanting you to wear a computer on your wrist this year. The Sony SmartWatch is just the latest example. Sporting a 1.3-inch OLED touchscreen display, Bluetooth 3.0, and four days of battery life, this sleek, square-ish watch connects to your Android phone, giving you the ability to read texts and emails, receive Facebook and Twitter updates, initiate and answer calls, control music playback, and run apps optimized for the small screen from Google Play. Or you could just wear a Rolex/Omega/Casio — your call.

Check it out $150

The Lovewright Co. Tees

All you need to realize that the world is filled with miserable people is your Facebook newsfeed. Some days it seems like you log in only to be bombarded with complaint after complaint after complaint. The Lovewright Co. is doing their part by putting out a few t-shirts that offer up positive inspiration. Their SoCal streetwear roots run deep when it comes to style and design, but the messages conveyed through their graphic tees is clear: chin up, buttercup

$28 Check it out

iPhone Mug


We usually like our phone cases to be as slick, portable and stylish as possible, but the iPhone Mug Case is none of those things.

It’s a case that’s also a mug. Well kind of. It’s got a huge handle, which makes it easy to grab and acts as a make-shift stand too, but you won’t be able to store your coffee in it properly unfortunately.

Misfortune Cookies


You’ve stuffed yourself full of noodles and wontons and spicy bits of fried chicken. Oh, and egg rolls and dumplings and those crunchy soft things that you’re not sure what they are, but dang are they good. And then the bill arrives - with fortune cookies. The fortune cookies serve to remind you how nice life can be as you are parted with your money; a reminder of the delicious meal you just ate. Cracking the cookie, you read the fortune inside: “You will die alone and poorly dressed.” It’s at that moment, when you are stunned and your friends laugh at you, that you realize you’ve been slipped a Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookie.

See, Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies look just like the real thing because, well, they are the real thing. However each of the 10 cookies contains a mean, evil, funny, or depressing fortune. The wrappers are blank, encouraging you to prank friends, family, coworkers, strangers, anyone! Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies also make great gifts to encourage creative anarchy in others. Like syphilis, but funnier and more tasty, Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies are the gift that keeps on giving.

$7(for a pack of 10) Check it out

The Mark Brothers: Cable Labels


The Mark Brothers are a set of acrobatic figures will swing from your wires, helping you to identify to which device each cable belongs. Cool design.

7.50=$12 Check it out