iPhone Cassette Tape Case

Turn your regular iPhone into a classic looking cassette tape with this cool iPhone case. The cassette tape case is flexible, sturdy, has openings for all the cable slots, and you can choose between a variety of colors for this cool novelty iPhone case.

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The iPhone Shutter Grip


We love Photo Jo Jo for quirky photography and mobile accessories, but this new iPhone Shutter Grip contraption is particularly clever. It’s tiny and all it really does is add a grip and shutter button to your phone, but that makes it so much easier to take good photos.

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iPhone Mug


We usually like our phone cases to be as slick, portable and stylish as possible, but the iPhone Mug Case is none of those things.

It’s a case that’s also a mug. Well kind of. It’s got a huge handle, which makes it easy to grab and acts as a make-shift stand too, but you won’t be able to store your coffee in it properly unfortunately.

iPhone Scuba Case


Most iPhone waterproof cases are either unreliable or too bulky. The iPhone scuba case by TAT7 is a robust waterproof case for iPhone 4/4S, it enables you to photograph and record video at depths up to 30 meters (100 feet). With it´s robust construction of high density polycarbonate and stainless steel, the case offers excellent protection from water, dirt and shock and can withstand the harshest environments.

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App of the Week: Paper

Another day, another revolutionary iPad app. Paper is an absolutely beautiful app for creating anything you would normally do on real paper — you know, stuff like storyboarding your indie film, general note taking, sketching a nude model, or painting a watercolor landscape of the prison yard. You can create unlimited Moleskine-esque journals to store all of your masterpieces. So if you want to sketch, write, draw, outline, and color, you’ve found the most elegant app for doing so yet. Oh, and it was made by the touchy-feely folks at Microsoft who developed the failed Courier notebook thing. So… yay?

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Galileo is a OS-controlled robotic iPhone platform that allows you to control the viewing position of an iPhone 4/4S or iPod Touch (4th generation) remotely from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Web browser. Created by designers Josh Guyot and JoeBen Bevirt. Just swipe your finger on the screen of your iPad or other iOS device and Galileo reacts, orienting your iPhone or iPod Touch accordingly. The device is set to sell for $129.95, but if you back the project now you can snag one for just $85 at kickstarter.

$85+ Check it out

Your Magnet

Those of you who have an iPod touch or a Smart Phone probably have always wanted a stand to hold it up for you.  Maybe you already have one, but you want a more classy one.  As some of us might know you shouldn’t put strong magnets near products such as an iPod Touch because the MP3 files might be deleted because of the magnetic property.  But not to worry, this is not a real magnet. It holds up your phone using suction plates!  This U shaped magnet is an awesome accessory for your iPod or Smart Phone!  Also for those of you who don’t have a phone you can stick it on the mirror in your bathroom and use it to hold your toothbrush or Razor!

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App Of The Week: Tiny Towers

Welcome to the First app of the week! Each week I’m going to choose a app to nominate as an awesome app! The app that’s going to be nominated today is Tiny Towers!  Whenever I tried to explain to my friends what this app was I made it sound really boring, but I forced them to get get it!  Now they love it.  What you do in this game is create a tower, build new floors, get people to live in your apartments and work in the shops you make, and operate the elevator.  See I told you I would make it really boring.  If you get this app, trust me, you will get addicted to it!

Free Check it out

iPhone Book Docks

                              Want a dock for iPhone but nothing looks classy enough? Well look no further, this designer has turned something classic into something digital.  Comes in many styles including Steve Job’s Biography, Oliver Twist, and Sherlock Homes.  

$42 Check it out