Some Valentines Day Stuff

Since Valentines day is coming up I decided to find some cool valentines day stuff for you guys.

Space Invader Chocolates

Here are some stylish chocolates for your valentine.  Based on the game “space invader.”        

$20 Check it out

Love Charm(for a charm bracelet)

This charm will make sure you have a lucky night with your date!

$5 Check it out

"I Effing Love You" Cards

These cards are cute and will for sure make your valentine smile! Be quick there are only 17 left!

$5 Check it out

Interactive Light Up Tee Shirt

These tee shirts literally light up, but even better the closer you get to the other person wearing the shirt the more hearts that light up, as you can see in the picture

$18-$25 Check it out

Gummy Bear Lamp

This funky gummy bear lamp is legit next to your bead, the dim light is perfect for whatever your going to do after your date!

$30 Check it out

Moustache World Map

    This is one world map you don’t want to miss out on.  This world map is made completley of stylish mustache.  Perfect for just about any room in the house or apartment, or RV(lol). 

$20 Check it out

App Of The Week: Tiny Towers

Welcome to the First app of the week! Each week I’m going to choose a app to nominate as an awesome app! The app that’s going to be nominated today is Tiny Towers!  Whenever I tried to explain to my friends what this app was I made it sound really boring, but I forced them to get get it!  Now they love it.  What you do in this game is create a tower, build new floors, get people to live in your apartments and work in the shops you make, and operate the elevator.  See I told you I would make it really boring.  If you get this app, trust me, you will get addicted to it!

Free Check it out

The Diana F+

                        Who doesn’t want to get some awesome effects with every picture taken? You might not believe me when I tell you this awesome camera is completely analog, meaning its not digital. It dosen’t have a screen!  When you use this camera expect happy mistakes such as some retro blurriness and vignetting(black corners). Anyway enough of this, the camera’s name is Diana!  And she comes with an awesome flash which will brighten any room!  If you look around you will find a variety of film that’s available for this camera, each film giving you a new effect!  This little blue camera is simple, cute, and awesome! 

Here are some pictures taken with this camera:


$89 Check it out

iPhone Book Docks

                              Want a dock for iPhone but nothing looks classy enough? Well look no further, this designer has turned something classic into something digital.  Comes in many styles including Steve Job’s Biography, Oliver Twist, and Sherlock Homes.  

$42 Check it out

Hello Peoples of earth! It looks like you’ve found your way to my blog! The Jist of this blog is to show you guys whats awesome! Have a great time romaing around people!

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